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"A story of veneration of nature that has its center in the navel of the moon"...




Cult of the Natural History of Mexico is a project that aims to celebrate and offer the biodiversity of this land full of ecological complexity and geographical benefits.


This work compiles 20 years of uninterrupted experience of Miguel Ángel Sicilia documenting the natural wonders of Mexico.


The result is a beautiful and immersive journey through the ecosystems of Mexico that begins with the great mountain systems of the center of the country, followed by the magical temperate forests, the ethereal cloud forests, the exuberant rainforest, the mysterious caves, the inhospitable deserts, ending with the abundant coasts, where the species that inhabit each of these ecosystems are the only protagonists. In addition, this land is embraced by the largest and richest oceans in the world. For this reason, the pre-Hispanic settlers named Mexico as "The Place in the Navel of the Moon".


With more than 100 species on stage, which make up the incredible natural history of Mexico, this work represents Miguel Ángel Sicilia's career as a wildlife filmmaker and is his legacy for future generations.

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