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About team

Monserrat Armenta Reséndiz

Scientist, philosopher, and lover of knowledge

Monserrat Armenta is a multidisciplinary scientist. She has studies in psychology, biology and philosophy and she has been doing scientific research in the field of neurosciences for more than 8 years, recently she has ventured into the area of science and philosophy communication. She has written scientific articles, and scripts for educational projects.

She wrote and narrated Cult of the Natural History of Mexico (2022), her debut in a wildlife film.

Miguel Ángel Sicilia

Biologist, wildlife filmmaker and editor

Miguel Angel Sicilia is a biologist and wildlife filmmaker with 15 years of experience working in science communication. He creates and produces several educational and conservation of nature audiovisual projects such as:


"We are guardians (2021)" in collaboration with the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO), "California Condor: A conservation story (2020)" in collaboration with the Postgraduate College (COLPOS) from Mexico. Also, He has collaborated on the TV series documentary “Biocultural Mexico” produced by Mexican National Channel 11 (Canal 11) as a wildlife photographer. He has participated in many other projects and expositions about wildlife and conservation. He is an active member of the Mexican Photography Alliance for Conservation (AMFC).

He created "Cult of the Natural History of Mexico (2022)" as a compilation of his work that started more than 20 years ago and continues today.

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