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Cult to the Natural History of Mexico arises as an idea conceived during the great adventure of multiple years of work and experience documenting the nature of Mexico by Miguel Ángel Sicilia. The accumulation of splendor and beauty through his trajectory as a wildlife filmmaker captivated his eyes, and that marked the beginning of this fabulous project. So then, he began the work of gathering in small visual fragments his most significant works in his desire to transmit and share the wonders that nature has to offer to human delight and at the same time make the human beings also feel the important role that corresponds to us as guardians of nature.


By 2021 with the latent idea, the narration and the stories, which were cohesive elements of this offering to Mexican nature, join the project. This narrative and writing work takes its inspiration from the appreciation and experiences shared between Monserrat Armenta and Miguel Ángel Sicilia. Both formally began  Cult of the Natural History of Mexico with the solid idea of ​​transmitting this beautiful visual representation of natural perfection in Mexico to Mexicans and to people around the world interested in approaching this wonderful land of ecological diversity. For this reason, it was decided that the work should have versions in English and Spanish, always keeping it in continuous improvement and growth at all levels.

History about Logo


first concept

The Lord of the Earth


The logo that leads this work that will remain as a legacy of consciousness about the ecological complexity and richness of Mexico, is based on the Chiapanes representation of the Lord of the Earth that symbolizes the union of two forces. On the one hand, it represents the energy of growth, fertility, and nature; on the other hand, it represents chaos and the underworld. This idea, which is the fundamental basis of the project's logo, is made up of rhombus that contrast in black and white, the rhombus is the most popular geometric figure in Chiapas textiles and whose cultural meaning represents the world and constant movement. Thus, the idea of ​​the logo of the Cult of Natural History of Mexico represents the world sustained by two great forces, the order and the chaos, these contraries grant it the perpetual flow, the incessant dance, the constant movement in which all living beings find. In addition, Chiapas's style keeps it linked to the cultural richness of the country, being Chiapas one of the places with the greatest natural diversity in Mexico and the place where the project obtained the freedom to become a reality.

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