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Tropical Ecosystems


Tropical Rainforest

The humid forests are also known as tropical forests or tropical forests and are located in the southwest of the country, extending up to 5% of the territory of Mexico. This ecosystem has exuberant vegetation and is home to most of the mammals in Mexico. This ecosystem has disappeared very quickly and up to 70% are deteriorated. In this other EcologíaVerde article you can consult Why the conservation of tropical forests or humid forests is important.

The dry forests are found on the Pacific plain, north of the Yucatan peninsula and in the Balsas basin. Up to 6% of the plants in the entire country live in this ecosystem, of which up to 40% are endemic to Mexico. In addition, they are drought-resistant ecosystems with abundant copal and huaje trees. Its appearance is very variable, since with the rains its vegetation is transformed.

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